Children love hearing a song with their own name in it!  It thrills them and makes them feel special.  They also love helping to create songs, making music a great teaching and learning tool.  Songs can also be used to pass along a story or memory of a loved one from generation to generation.  And, of course, a special lullaby is something a child and parent will cherish forever.  

We have had the honor of writing songs for specific children and families as well as working with groups of children to write songs together.
Kids (and children at heart) love music!
"A Bucket Full of Sophie" is a custom song written for an 8 year old girl whose dad saw her sitting in a bucket one day when she was 5 and kept thinking that would make a cute song.  She also does a silly dance on the golf course, so all of that combined to create this song just for her.
"Mila's Dance" is a song written for Mila's birthday, combining a lot of the things she loved at the time and a fun beat to which she could (and did) dance!
"Colorado Lullaby" was written for a coming baby for a couple living in Colorado.
"Cat Walk Disco" and "Funky Monkey" were both songs written with fourth and fifth graders at a Young Author's Conference.
"Silly Chicken" and "Ocean" were both written with kindergarten classes as part of a Young Author's Conference.