Whether it's a song to accompany the "big question", to commemorate a special anniversary, or for the couple's first dance, music is a powerful way to capture and share emotions.  We love to write from a sweet and poignant perspective, or are also happy to indulge in some fun humor.  As a married couple ourselves, we have experienced how music can help strengthen a relationship, and we enjoy using music to help other couples create something special to endure with them for years to come.  

Never Too Many Love Songs!
"Lightly" is a song that started its life as a poem.  Leah asked Chrissie if she would put the poem to music and surprise Pete with the song at a Valentine's show.  After some editing and adding melody and music, the poem became a song that ended up being the couple's first dance for their wedding.
"Lady in My Life" is a custom instrumental piece written for a bride to walk down the aisle.
Samples of Original Custom Love Songs by The Better Halves
"The Captain and the Mermaid" is a fanciful song written for a couple whose nicknames (before they ever met) were actually The Captain and The Mermaid.  This lent itself to an especially sweet story line, and The Better Halves loved the song so much they put it on their first commercial album!
"Country Boy, City Girl" was written for a couple who fit the title and who love bluegrass music!  
This was our own wedding vow song, and is a great example of the kind of sweet humor we like to use.
"With This Ring" was written for the exchange of rings at a wedding.
"She's That Girl" was written for a groom to sing to his bride at their wedding.
"Valentine" was a valentine gift.