We are a husband and wife musical team who have had the honor of working with a variety of groups and individuals to create meaningful songs for them.  We have written songs for weddings, engagements, and lullabies. We have had the great privilege of working with Alzheimer's patients to form their life stories into songs.  School groups have invited us to come and write songs on the spot with classes. Sometimes events that are hiring us to provide musical entertainment will also have us write a theme for their business or event.  We take into account the individual personality of the people involved, their words and stories, and their musical tastes to craft a unique song that they and their family and friends will love and enjoy.
...at Your Service!

Chrissie Natoli has been playing guitar since college, but actually began writing songs and poems as a young child. She has received recognition in various songwriting/ performance contests, including the Woodie Guthrie Festival, Austin Songwriters Group, and most notably A Prairie Home Companion's Duet Contest. 
Jimmy Joe Natoli started playing guitar at age 11.  He studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood.  He has had songs included in the Songwriters Serenade Contest, Kerrville Regional Newfolk Performance, and NPR's Car Talk. 
The Natolis combine their talents, knowledge and skills to be able to write songs in almost any genre and mood.  Jimmy Joe has a knack for being able to cleverly rhyme almost anything. (Go ahead, try him!)  Chrissie loves to write sweet, tender lyrics.  Together they have a chemistry to write some funny songs, too.  As a school bus driver, Jimmy Joe has a heart for children and has had lots of inspiration to write kids songs, and knows how to write to engage them.  Chrissie has a teenage son who taught her a lot about children!  Together they have worked with Alzheimer's Groups and found a passion for working with this population and uncovering some amazing stories and unsung heroes (who are now sung!)  

Above all, this couple just loves to write music and to connect with other people and share their stories!

As versatile musicians, they can offer guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, bass, drums and even sitar for song recordings.
With a fine home studio and award-winning Austin engineer and producer at their disposal, they are also able to record and produce high quality music.

Feel free to check out their other websites to see some of the other musical things they do!

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www.beautifulmusic4you.com (Wedding ceremony music)
www.avenueelle.com (Chrissie's other duo)
www.jimmyjoenatoli.com (Jimmy Joe's solo work)