Music is a language all its own, a gateway to the emotions and a mirror of the heart.  Our culture is full of music--from the background at the grocery store, to the accompaniment for a website, to movie soundtracks, to the songs you load onto your ipod.  With so much music readily available and practically bombarding your everyday life, why not have a personal song, a melodic oasis of your very own?  And what a wonderful gift it would be to give a song that tells the story of your romance, or that weaves images of your life into a lullaby for your child to hear in her dreams?  And if you have a business in which you passionately believe, why not invest in a unique tune that will stay in your customers' minds and remind them of you? The possibilities are endless.  We create music because we love creating music and just can't help ourselves!  We create music for other people because we believe everyone has a story that is worth telling and we are honored to handcraft that story into a song.  
Say it in a song